Short description of this website.

In march and april 1944 the resistance in Beverwijk killed 3 Dutch NSB people (national socialistic confederation). The Germans went crazy and to stop the Dutch they took away 486 young boys, aged 18 untill 25 years, as a hostage untill the offender was arrested. The boys were transported tot Camp Amersfoort and were imprisoned overthere.
The offender was arrested in june but, due to the need of labourers in Germany, the boys were not released but send to Germany on the 7th of july.
They were imprisoned in Arbeits Erziehungs Lager, (Education through Work) Working 12 hours a day, very bad hygienic circumstances, little food, very bad guardians who beat them (sometime till death followed), etc. etc. At the end of the War over 65 of the boys had not survived. As a tribute to those 65 and all of the 486 hostages I have build this website.